How to Clean Model Train Tracks: The Best Methods

Learn how to clean model train tracks with white vinegar, liquid cleaners, and easy-to-manufacture passive wheel cleaners. Keep your model railway running smoothly with these tips.

Model train tracks require regular cleaning to keep them in good condition and ensure that the trains run smoothly. White vinegar is a popular and versatile cleaning agent that can be used to remove rust and dirt from the tracks. To use it, simply apply it to a cloth and wipe the tracks dry. For normal cleaning, soaking a paper towel in a liquid cleaner and dragging the cars back and forth on the tracks works well.

When cleaning locomotives, it is important to clean one truck at a time and keep the other truck away from the towel on the tracks to avoid collecting electricity. To clean while you play, you can also make some easy-to-manufacture passive wheel cleaners. A small once-a-week application of these cleaners can help your trains run smoothly on your model railway.

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